Ludwig Winkler

Machine Learning, History & Political Economy and Life in Berlin

Ludwig Winkler

Machine Learning, History&Economics and Life in Berlin

I'm a PhD student at the TU Berlin Machine Learning Group under Klaus-Robert Müller. The focus of my work has been the use of neural networks in otherwise probabilistic environments such as thermostated molecular dynamics and stochastic differential equations. In particular, I have trained neural networks in stochastic differential equations in order to solve optimal transport problems and infer the corresponding stochastic process. I especially enjoy the mathematical rigor of stochastic processes and probabilistic machine learning in general.

Besides my research activity, history in conjunction with economics and politics has been a long standing interest of mine. As I grew older the link between economics and history became more evident to me and my focus shifted to economic and financial history which often does a superb job at explaining the latent forces that shape history.

I have been remarkably lucky to be living in Berlin where I explore the multitude of different subcultures that exist so harmoniously in this city. Berlin represents something of an ideal city for me as its history has enabled subcultures to thrive while offering abundant intellectual goodies ranging from art&music, a lot of techno, to blockchain and machine learning.

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